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Miss the good times I remember listening to this while waiting for the chapter 1 season 5 to download on my pc, yet high recurrence of games, its a little too fast for me though.

Still playing though Thank god for technology, it started at season 2 When fortnite was actually fun TRU Tide Pod he does not sound like himself Oneugandan Knuckles he used his better mic in this website LemmeGunVitalis I shed at tear rip season 2-3 I played since day 1 and i can say that Season 2 was the best one LemmeGunVitalis Season 3 is Season 2 Aww man so we back in the mine hot our pickaxe swinging from side to side side side to side LemmeGunVitalis imagine being that nerd that can only respect his own opinion And its fortnite who cares lmao Anybody else here when almost everybody in this rap has quit fortnite You know.

Old fortnite cant be brought back anymore. Spy Kids we have a registered 5 year old here PopplioGamer But u still play Roblox FxAKwizard06 1 Day later But IM HERE Who else came after watching the second one its good wow Bruh I came back and forgot H2O was in this Everybody had bars yooo That was actually epic BEST RAP ever Delirious won the rap battle for a fact. fortnite verse Tupacs and Biggies whole career I just came back because it was cringey Nija my favorrate pls a Virsion 2 for Nija I remember this song was like the best 4 years later i just realized how sick Ceezs part actually is B̸̅-E̸-̨̠S̸T̅ M̸-U̸-S̅I̅C͠-- This is the greatest song of all time Fortnite all night battle royale or night I remember when people used to play this for fun with friends, because if I crouch everywhere.

My fav was H20 DeliriousThe Bush NerdOut. P Old Fortnite - I miss it too i never play it because it doesnt feel the same It goes in wrong way but I still like this game Yeah i play it every now and then but it will never feel the same of staying up to see the new season or geting up early to see it but its still sort of fun i guess The game is new the real old game is like 4 years Ye its like 2 yrs old cus before battleroyal as well I hated it awful map and the weapons were nowhere near balanced Stop being so dramatic its only like a year old.

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