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I am a kid that plays website games and likes dinosaurs. So he doesnt have a part. On the other hand, its just too good for a rap!!, if epic brings back all the old weapons and the old soundsgraphics the game will become great again for sure. Because its the norm and they dont want to go out of those boundaries in fear of being made fun of.

Mikhail Tsarkov nice we could team one day i am slovene Enkelejda Hoxha its joseph in english I love you losif vissarionovich dzugatzvili I only have 8 kills regularly in solos cries Stalin kills 20 million Russians with ease but sweats after killing 4 people on Fortnite Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin Never knew Stalin plays Fortnite Sad but true but i dont care i still play it Maybe youre just mad. Iām so frustrated that I deleted the game because I canāt play with it being like this and I canāt explain it well enough for someone else to understand.

Itll never be the same no much how we want itš Yep maybe they will bring og map back The only thing i played fortnite on was mobileš rip stupid epic games getting banned from apple smh Yeah, smile because it happenedā -Dr Seuss I tought that in noord korea you cant play websitegames Kim Jung-un it was the best time of fortnite.

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