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ah the good times Sad thing is the game itself today isnt actually that bad. I wish i played this season more hours and i wish i knew what i was doing not just running and farming trees and shooting and wow man i wish i could go back Back to the days when fortnite was considered as worlds best Fortnite player.

When I do get a victory Royale, not for the streamer because of the game ;( I fr thought every time he downed someone he was going to shake them down omg Omg the 220 with the old pump brings back memories Gray pump doing 220 damage 2:36.

MrRuss58 nah its just whoever is donating 100 is rich so to them its whatever Emerald well he does get donated a lot I think it was because fortnite was concentrating when the 100 donation came up more then when a 8 donation happened Bootymeats same for those who liked just because of the play of words He treats all donations the same which is good Heaven Or Hell what are you saying.

Magness you grandma or grandpa are not us american I am thats right but Im pretty sure that my moms moms (my grandma) moms (great grandma) mom (great great grandma) was American.

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