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Ceez is the best, Season 1 Day one is when I started bro. Just get good at the hame Napsi is totally a 15 year old fortnite sweat getting mad when someone talks shit abt his game So many ppl play for the money in cash cups now. The damage multiplier was 2. He shouldve changed it with the one boogie bomb KGB Comrade boogie bombs were actually really good ­­­зазазазазаза­зазазазазаза Same its because I looked at the game in a whole different way then Adam Nedov grey auto ar and grey tac and grenades and bandages wouldnt be too bad Wouldnt be too hard imo Give a bad player full legendary loot material Give a good player grey pistol and some material Its obvious who wins I really wish epic would never changed the map put the og map back and the og weapons and how they sound I miss minis being in stacks of 10.

H2ODelirious I think i got addicted to this song I sang it like a millions times still know the lyrics from 2 years Ahh the good old days where there wasnt a sweaty soccer skin build fighting you every game Well I am voting for h20 hope yall do to. Except for the aimbot henchmen. I already reported it to the authorities.

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