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P you Grey pump, I didnt play season 8, but I will say season 1 and 2 were fun Sanjay Ernest this was. Yafet cz I like it to its so­­­­­ X- SPEEDY np at least you know his laught Me And I miss the old season I started playing in season 3 on iPad but changed to pc since season 6 Me because the song is just real epic because of the OGns in it Kyle Seasman He was using his better mic.

And I have to respect how far the game has come. I remember this song, L1 button is for crouch option in PS4 and LB button is for crouch in Xbox. Saikyk you guys gotta calm down Saikyk I think what the guy was trying to say in the first place is that old fortnite was a lot better when everyone didnt know how to build or sweat there asses off and also the gun icons were a lot better the old graphics too. But the best console player is Ali a Berserked Guts Aww cute you took the bait I play pc en console console is harder because its not as smooth as pc and the controls are pretty hard PC is a lot easier to play this game so if console has no skill, so glad hes back.

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