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Im a good player and i definitley want to be a sweat. Imo blackout was trash but I always enjoy multiplayer and it was pretty good in the beta. hed rather take minis I miss the old fortnite the one that only played solos, I did, like me, dont play this game anymore, turn Voice-Chat off, but remember.

The game hasnt been the same since u left Insane duo. No it doesnt, so thank you very much for those memories NerdOut. If you started off with a rocket launcher youd probably blow yourself up How to get good grammar: Go to School Yeh and start at tilted towers I guess even though I hate going there U talking bout the fact it used to do shield and hp but only give u 25 instead of 75 Which one the one where you run and pop it or 25 25 Shiftys Gametime I remember 50 shields it will give you Shiftys Gametime me 25 health for Shields and normal health That was season 5 when the new one came out Nathan Henning no it wasnt its season 4 when playground 1st cum out Only 10 of people will remember the old grenades.

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