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Those were the days Its actually been out for about a decade now, por isso perdeu a magia do jogo, but thank you guys so much for 83 likes!!!, like mw3 and all hehe Aden On Mobile MW3 is my favorite game of all time lol Thats true even in season 6 i couldnt get my FIRST kill now im cracked and for somereason tha game was better back then Yeah he probs forgot that there are millions of players and yeah thats it back to watching typical gamers live stream True, miss the guy, no it didnt and it wont Not in season 5.

I still know all the lyrics. They didnt ruin the game you shouldve known most players was gonna become good because they all practice to get better you should do the same instead of complaining about ‚sweats‚ ruining the game Yes there sweats however they evolved and you didnt Well of course ppl mastered the game in 3 years so what did u expect Him compared to now you can say hes bad How am i a weirdo for having a meme pfp LOL I been hear since chapter 2 season 3 Epic tries to make each season more grand and bigger than the last.

default skin!. If someone took out a team with this aim assist then they could of easily taken him out aswell with this aim assist that you talk about. Actually im in 9 years old category but actually im 15ū But I am only watching cause I like the song.

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