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My only real advice for aim is to turn aiming sensitivity down and judge when you have to lead into shots and try to predict the movements people often make in the game.

It would be interesting to see him adapt. I do not think he was called in to participate. If you know who he was you OG RIP ALL FORTNITE AND EVERYTHING OG­ I really liked it before tilted and I like it now but I didnt like tilted Me: the best game ever Me: vomits on the disc and smashes it with hammer Pump returned in the 14 days of summer event WCC Vibez nah you should see ch see chapter 2 Im from the future Jonathan Turcios Rosales Ikr.

Yunus emre ├rgen he is he broke world records Juniperiao, it got buffed after a while The twitch chat went INSANE I WILL NEVER FORGET THAT Its crazy how this was more than 4 years ago And I can barely figure out how to jump Hey mann im crying. Your name says that automatically.

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