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King of Poliwhirls Duh he has free styled before Alejandro Ramon  but he did the chorus so it dosent really count even tho its good Dude only I remember half of the in game players Go to tilted towers to get kills or be killed good old days my ass that was warfare but the rap is badass bruh Me when when season 3 4 and 5 came out and people built a box dang this guys pro Fortnite was always bad my opinion though Still holds the worlds second best game tho.

P Smoke Bombs R. Well I have because I have the black night but I havent played the game since season 7 I have. I listened to this when I was 8!

hes rapping on his good mic Youre so confusing, memories I used to make concerts I literally staned fortnite 3 years ago my fav part was fortnite back then lmao Bro I love that I came back too this. Dakotaz was better UnitedFade I only like CDN Halocene parts really Quick Plug since this blew up: Go watch my latest website on Fortnite, so did everyone else here Yep me and the boys good times good times ­ Who else memorized this song when it first came out I havent heard this song in 3 years and i still know all the words Good times I wish it was seson 1 again Remember listening to this every day Miss Og Fortnite ­­ H20 delirous possibly the best fun websiter that has never been bad for around 5-6 years hes always been so hyper and great Who is watching this in for nostalgia.

But theres a big difference between a good player and a sweat for example ceeday is a really good player but he doesnt sweat the game unless he has to Im gonna agree with you there because i used to love watching ceeday but he never uploads because he cant get content anymore from fortnite because of the sweats.

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