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Crazy Damn I know man its like theyre trying to win the game or something Tyson Hamblin ik I was thinking the same thing. Lol its so funny to see these comments about the good old days since Ive never watched fortnite. Stuff doesnt add up patrick. When this first came out it was popping I use to watch this al the time after school Always come back for Ceez verse ­ No matter how much you hate the game we all played it when this banger came out Its sad that none of these players play anymore I remember seeing this pro play but now Im just when I here a foot step: cranks 90s Im on the top of the map Omg I just realized this is the song my camp group used for a talentshow Ceez HD Dakotaz a trio to be messed with, kinda like everyone rn 1tap CSGO he makes everyone look bad lol CSGO Tips and Tricks dude hes like the fucking best player on fortnite stop trying to discredit him, ├tonnant, now I hope that these Epic Gamers understand what an opinion is before they send me death threats Yh I remember when you were a pro if u could build a 1 by 1 I honestly struggle to keep up anymore JasonV FurryGamer oh shit our hero has arrived He sound more different here and his website Yeah remember that in his last QA (long ago) he said that he used a shitty mic and that when he changed people said he sounded too different and some subscribers complained that is why he still uses a shitty mic as he calls it.

the guns in apex are fucked and is generally not fun.

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