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Holy shit so many years n still hits hard I feel so damn old huhu Im literally listening to this at 3:13 am and i have tears going down my face bc of how much the games changed and how we changed with it! P old fortnite we wont forget you Back when there werent helicopters to swoop in and crash into you and take half your shield? Alxander Spetz also, or by different players, ah the days, if not its extremely unhealthy.

shut up. Im a nerd so I like to listen to this song because Im butt at fornite Who agrees this one is better than round 2 still so disappointed 1:21 Fortnite fortnite lets go get it all night Only ogs remember this YOU TALK TO YOURE MOTHER WITH THAT MOUTH I vote for the bush, not as fun as og times but its different, write your username on this piece of paper Good times There was a purple tac in a building and you missed it and you missed a blue tac but the pump was one of the best weapons in fortnight back in the day!!.

You wouldnt have said that if you understood.

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