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There u go lol Black_Dragon_786 dont feel bad hes on pc Id like to see him do it on console Its able to be done on console but you have to turn on turbo build. 12:46 remember when shotguns hit from that far back for that much now they hit like 30 to the head at point blank range That was the good time in fortnite season 1-5 were the bestno tryhards and now every single person does 10 edits per second and build so much and literally every person is controlla player You can say wtf you want but NOBODY in a game has eccomplished what fortnite had.

Subject Delta Ī totally, every single time I hear it, but ākillingā isnt the only aspect to this game. whenever i see these website i get kinda sad cause i wished i had tried to learn a bit more of the game back then and get good at it. anyways i hope u enjoyed those times as much as i did bro.

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