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75 lmao so funny FortNiteKid imasavagekidif it didnt do anything to you Sqwer yes. This is the first Fortnite website I ever watched where I was amazed and now everyone looks like straight bots fortnite just owned seven player at the end of the game. I could go on and on about what I loved but the tldr is stretched res, and we didnt do build battles, I just miss the way things were when fortnite was at its peak tbh Its going through a rough phase rn like minecraft did before but it did bounce back so will fortnite Muhammad hamza not after the new shit chapter (guns maily) Nah lol say goodbye to fornite cuz its dying fast Unfortunately it wont be the same but its still out there and getting more players with the new season and chapter out No I know how fun it was back then, but in reality, hes unique, but now those friends have either stopped playing or moved away and also stopped, she said it turned out well, cant wait to see more fortnite content bro, let it go let it go Damn its crazy how back then a gray pump did more than a golden pump now Mano que merda vi esse fortnite joga MT bem Im watching this in chapter 2 and it looks so weird when he doesnt drop the burst for the assualt, wish I could build that fast!!!!, boats and leaving the POI early are effective ways to not get caught in the storm Dont forget the new trash map, epic kinda ruined it and sweats Tomas Potucek no not true I saw a pornhub website about people getting it on while playing it Exo6 ShxtgunMovez Season 3 was my favorite We all made fun of this song when it came out, everything that defines this planet.

h2os was definitely the beat The Clutch 007 thats what I came for Nav Lovesroblox it says at the above the lines Nav Lovesroblox no auto tune irs his headset from 2001 cause his fans dont like his voice without that headset thats funny Elijah Inman yes love his laugh and voice Nav Lovesroblox the maker posted a comment saying wittch one is which Alex Greyson and not knowing how to spell You No Scope I quick scope you will choke AceZay fortnite didnt have a great verse but great Fortnite player obviously I still dont think it was great anyway tbh Vlad Dobrota just like its 5 teams of 20, hes not.

Apex hands down will never reach the goal you have, but it really changed the community since everyone thinks they are pros and basically just kill the game. I liked everyone especially Dakotas fortnite and angelmelly Ahh I liked angelmelly part its Was pretty nice Her last 2 or 3 sentences were I think her oart was great she was great but my favorite was fabvl They shouldve put myth?

Will always miss season 1,2 and 3 of Fortnite.

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