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He is trying to get a lot of kills so in order to do that he needs to be able to kill ppl from long distances Both of you are wrong, lets see you play fortnite 1v1 and try to discredit him. orgSHSd Who else still listens to this song and remembers about double pumps CDNThe3rd and Fabvl are the best Edit:thanks for 5 likes I usually get 2 likes lets make this to 10 I know 10 still is less­­­ Edit:thanks I got 25 likes I never got that lets make to 1000 (you dont have to) ­­­ I guess and yeah Im dogshit to but for some reason past top 50 I always die to some cranker Sorry for that please comment in my latest website Your just begging go do that on other comments Also you should not upload fortnite since that got alot of hate ­ There were barely 9 year old toxic sweat kids Epic ruined the game a lil, chapter 2 season 1, i miss the old fortnite :( You havent watched the rest of his old website, always has been (imo) but nothing will ever beat og fortnite, but the grown up that understands that tryhards are loser are not so cringey Anyone who refers to adultsteenagers with Grownups is a kid themselves Yes.

Ive been listening to the song for three years Straight I miss the good old times when everyone was bad Remember every line after 3 years. The Xbox is great to play on, Huwu- nvm. The skill gap would still inevitably skyrocket due to the core mechanics of the game?

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