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He has 32 kills on 17:56 Will Coked Out hes saying he should have even more kid Adriana Kuzmikova I checked it out good job Lol. Some sources also claim that Mac is about to end its production of Mac Air by early 2020. XxUknownTemptationxX i knew it because he said he will roste rhinocrunch Gamer_E I like fortnite rap the best Rhymed time with time. That was stupid when they nerfed them Yea I remember when shotguns were snipers! YOUR PICTURE IS XXXTENTACION I KISS HIM Fortnite Clips i watch ur vids all day when i stop playing fortnite 2:26 Fortnite logic.

Try top 3 or top 5. The sad thing is most of these people dont play this game anymore Im elite baby dont you see the outfiy Double pumps dont matter man i got this U depressed cus even tho people think fn is cringey its not u who decides If the old map never comes back my disappointment will be incomprehensible and my life would be ruined Youre lucky that I know youre joking RG GAMING At least he has subscribers ;) RG GAMING you probably do that 2 RobbinRams If you put a Scar in my hand then its game time RG GAMING bruh he has times more subs than you lol.

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