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A lot of you say delirious army so that means your his fans, now its awful. That means something Well, not his best game in Fortnite DooM Netj has world record for highest kills in solo squads so I dont think fortnite has no competition so there is no reason you should be able to automatically assume hes the best, You just notice how different it it then vs now Because this was when the game uses to be fun Nah its the fact that we all evolved at a certain point, making long meetings very simple.

Getting your first win, all they wanted to do was to play the game, then you really just gave them a bad name and reputation, when he couldve walked thru the door ­­ I cant believe fortnite is still playing fortnite to this day ­ Who just randomly felt the urge to watch some old school nostalgic fortnite­ Man back when Fortnite was great.

ARYAN GAMER calm down there bud. The world doesnt revolve around myth Yeah shouldve forgotten about AngelMelly and put the real ruler of building Kinq Brad Myth would have been the pro but most fortnite players thinks fortnite better then Myth so thats probably why fortnite and myth are my fave fortnite people Fredbear 97 swinging from side to side Hope to find some some diamonds tonight Justlight you ruined the greatest song in history.

the good old days Who remembers the og look for the game like if you remember the best ever moments of fortnite Memeashi 6ics 9ain Im from season 1 dude Memeashi 6ics 9ain people who arent noobs Youre not og if you remember that, and you really enjiyed it it sets you a diffrent prespective.

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