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I miss these times so much especially the early seasons of Fortnite Its so entertaining to watch fortnite when it was actually good. Thats why I stopped playing fortnite Fortnite is fun in chapter 2 season 3 but not as fun as getting your butt kicked by sweats than season 2 Thats true bro, this was the good times?

EisregenKnopf 77 נננננננ EisregenKnopf 77 נ¸נננננ Yep hear that cause Im comin for the trophie but awesome oh m6 auto correct whats your doing EisregenKnopf ננננננ Play it on 1. נ EDIT 2: oh my mistake it was only the trapper. I remember we was all down horrendous for some money and clicked any vbuck generator we saw I remember watching him whenever Im having dinner before I log in and spam with the squad for hours and hours and then I must watch the fortnite website I missed before bed.

And im upset that i didnt bought Renegade Raider.

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