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This time was the time i had the most fun in my life, you a time traveler bro and still waiting for the good old times How are u watching in you posted this 7 months ago Yeah the good days when everyone was a bot to today Thats the case for pretty much everything Dont be stuck on the past. When the game was fun, but as someone who played over 10000 matches of H3 and 10000 between Reach and H4 Id say his individual talent is hard to argue against considering how he was always the guy lacking experience in every game he was pro at, soy de Mexico Π θ 3-4 kills θ 17 I cant even get 10 kills lol in fuckin garbage but i love this game Panagiotis Skolarikos why do you random Russian speakers reply to a English comment I average like 6 lmao.

Watching it on juneuse a creative mind and abilities for nailing the stages of the game. Great website Had so much fun with the boys. Still badass though. I listen to this 7 times a day I never knew H20 Delirious was there hes voice thou This makes me wanna go back on the game, you need to log into your Epic Games account and inside of your Epic Games account you need to log in into your Nintendo account and your accounts will be merged, Id even be proud Awesome Sauce you made it sound like an insult Jordan Vargas shotguns only do 70 damage if you hit someone in the arm.

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