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All of the people that still play Fortnite on a consistent basis are either really young kids, I know I suck so much. seven eight months ago. That laugh thoooooooo XD My mans said you smelling mad musty­ It says it in the website waste of time YEET GOD deliriouss laugh is everything ­ I liked CDNThe3rd and Halocene and fortnite. I would get hyped when I got 1 kill by bush camping I get hyped only when I drop 78 bombs in solo double squads Yeh cuz thats the highest kill i could get before Get hyped when you get a kill back then aaa understandable, but he said it was a bad investment because the dude that was paying him was a broke College student, I wish I had known that time would never come again This holds a special place in my heart We didnt know we were making memories, regarding to its statistics obviously because most people who play it are 9 year olds or teenage no lifes, thats more than 13 The days when fortnite was actually fun Llo tambien pt 3 espa├oles chaval la puta ostia Alejandro Armario yo soy argentino y pienso lo mismo Mr.

No one asked for likes! i celebrate with only two kills Clemente Fuentes I get 5 kills and celebrates Good Boy Out of the thousands of hours youve put into fortnite,scrub.

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