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( nostalgia) Am i the only one that just have the lyrics flow back to me and i know the whole song within 30 seconds of remembering it When the people didnt depend there life on the game good times Anyone else get goosebumps because of the nostalgia still coming back ! Cant believe that this was 4-5 years ago­ R. A good example would be his CoD Extinction website. You also have to account for the tier 2 and tier 3 subs that he has which is most likely a good amount.

Bro you are the best i cried from lauphing Yes but its a season 3 song soo in your face EŃ These are people that are streamers who were playing until Season 1 Vertix cool the most like I ever had where 7 Alan Gajewski no the most likes ever just in my whole life I got 7 Alan Gajewski oh ok you get a like then here I gave you a like :) Vertix my record is over 380 im such a sad person i go everyday looking how much i have. Yeah thats what he said when his wife died and he cheated on her LMFAO EVERYONE BEATING THIS MAN UP ­­­­ These nine year olds saying its only a game dont understand lol Ahem you meant like 2 people Lollllllllllllllllllllll Not only talking about the guys at the world cup but also the streamers that won thousands of dollars of the game Kid who says this comment: started chapter 2 season 4 How dare u say its just a game u most not understand Homie why did you take it so serious­Ôá someone has been kicked out before Whatever you said was cringe ­, sorry double gs double peace ah yeet.

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