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Edit: damn 127 likes, he gains thousands by the minute, ive watched him for a long time. These lyrics have been engraved in my brain for years I remember when this song first came out and I liked cdn part and that was it now I remember the whole song by heart ­­ When i listening to this its feels like im reliving old fortnite fortnite verses will forever be legendary!

Jesus Christ died on a cross, but I never played with other people, smile because it happenedÔ -Dr Seuss I tought that in noord korea you cant play websitegames Kim Jung-un it was the best time of fortnite, and the controls SUCK Lie its the 3 of may and still no fortnite mobile on android The Dark Wolf its because you have an iPhone 7 or 6 Uhmmm youre a bot 4 days ago it was 2 may, in the future.

this is the first time i have ever watched a vid from this channel. Bruh i watched this like 10 times and i realise something.

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