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Good ol days I wish we could go back to season 3-5 Real good times, but Cdnthe3rd won. KaOs GaNkEr Lol all theese 10 year old fortnite kids getting triggerd over a comment­ Im getting flashbacks of how minecraft was hated in the same exact way that fortnite is being hated right now a couple of years ago.

this game was perfect back then. Frosted Cryo yeah delirious the best Frosted Cryo fasted like on a comment lol Not rlly I like him but his part wasnt that good I remember when this song came out id be getting 20 25 ish kill games i would have this song blasting singing it was the best AkaPrestonz THATS INSANE!!!!.

This is awesome!!!. It Makes Me Happy. This is coming from a kid who played websitegames since three years old and is 19 now Youre no ones tryna make you laugh bozo Yea you are lmfao cant even use the right your My original comment was about how incoherent you are ­ now shoo Yeah same I remember when I thought 5 kill wins were good but you be getting sweaty kids with 20 as an average ­ ­ That nostalgia bro :( season 3, Season 1 Day one is when I started bro.

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