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Just collabs with shit i dont care about I wish they got rid of bots, but I will say season 1 and 2 were fun Sanjay Ernest this was, back in the days man Good old days when we use to watch his stream and website on school chromebooks Damn this was back when fortnite was actually good and not just PG Family Friendly, season 3 was fortnite Ik mis this so much the game sucks right now Back when you didnt have to build to be good and gave fun Searched up fortnite and clicked on popular because I knew I would see this I miss these good times man I remember when fortnite used to be fun like when you get a kill,you get hyped Watching iconic fortnite so good the dog fortnite jumping with the 2 katanas fortnite barley talking the keyboard smashing his being a pro so good The old sounds, when console players swapped buildings and weapons with Y, and metal Christian Acosta i would say hes got 10x the kills youve ever gotten but 0x10 0 so i cant!

Bro, now its dead Its far from dead, absolutely insane that its been that long, if he dies its cause of a troll, everybody is just building and building. REALLY LOVE THE OLD FORTNITE BETTER THAN WHAT IT IS NOW. The good old days when you come home from school and hop on with the boys. old Scar sound Wish we could go back to when the game was at its best fortnite 30 seconds in:I am bad At the end of the game:32 kills If I put my gameplay 2 years ago I would have literally won every game When you spent half of your game just looting and still drop 32 kills Him : casually gets a 36 kill game while eating 250m Headshot on season 2 was lame 150m headshot on season 11 is like lets goooooo im god that wasss cleeean!!.

Zombat66 was so intelligent. I thought it was barely a year.

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