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fortnite le da mil vueltas a Lolito Im Extortion I was thinking the same :D TheAstep that is probably higher than you The record is from XSOO with 36 kills solo vs squads PS players in duossquads are actually playing vs half pc half ps and on ps u can attach ur keyboardmouse to fortnite and its so hard to plays against those guys if u dont have a keyboardmouse aswell Sampo Karvonen maybe if you are playing with a controller, i just play creative coz battle royale is filled w things that i dont even want to understand Its thr comunity that destroyed fortnite with al those try hards We can still make memes and I miss that epic wont bring back reginade raider and the zapotron Havent enjoyed fortnite since season 4 or so.

Daredevil Gamez I have your picture as my school picture lol Steven Of Unicorn Land its actually CDN not Cnd and i still think h20 wins BloodyDevil225 _Gaming he is the best ­­ He my favorite out of all them ­­­­ Drnkie I just left the stream haha coming now I didnt know that your brother also sings as well he play Drnkie yeah them 5 seconds of photoshop sure payed off Its so sad that almost everybody doesnt know the guy who write this comment :( It aint that hard to make it look easy STOP fanboying fortnite for everything Both of them were cringy with their voice Who else Im watching this 2 years later to just see how bad the game has gotten Who misses season 1,2 and my best season 3 ­ Delirious sounds like goku mixed with pennywise HOLY SHIEET WAIT, he doesnt let kills throw his game off.

Camrun Scott its not my fault you sold your hot wheels sport Il a fait la m├me TheFrenchMonster Guiguizz dans la m├me ville o debut Javoue est ce qye vous vous revez de faire autant de kill Ignacio mu├oz geldres y tu tambi├n Thiago128 lunazzi noc ta dif├cil :v Ignacio mu├oz geldres estas admitiendo que eres feo Es cosa m├a o por el minuto 17 dice que horror xD This player still has no life.

Hope Newman New guy in fortnite Hope Newman look at the time it was made Hope Newman yes it is he was playing in season 2 Chill Vids no they are both better in different ways Chill Vids myth is better at building and fortnite is better at killing You just know American players, you get killed by a 7 years old. KoD SniiPeZ how did he copy its not like britains made it up and if they did, or you want to change it for exploring the other facets of the gameÔyou always have an option to make amendments to your character.

Riffat Ishfaq season x AUTO BOTS ROLL OUT Im a season 4 player and that is true Chapter 2 season 2 everyone sweats even bots ­ POV: just finished watching clix sweat his butt off cuss out and trash talk the guy he just killed, pc is much harder than console.

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