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MARCELXP1000 I knew that wasnt what you were talking about just wanted to see if you knew what you were saying because it made no sense MARCELXP1000 wow best roast ever נננ 10 years is you XDDD why you comment and why you are here xDDDDD ALEX why do you only have 15 subs but cant get a view Proud Merican all dislikers play that dead game called pubg I dont play pubg or battle royale at all.

No game will ever come anywhere near as good as this game in the first 3 seasons YGuy1 but everyone can spam. And btw, tiempos en los que amaba fortnite. Whuda Da Banana Dog was cry b b? Now people are hating on it since all the updates. Sweats are players who try extremely hard at the game. You really have to be negative.

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