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It makes me so happy just hearing how happy they all are about the dub Its so funny how they left Fortnite standing to do the emote This is the greatest collab ever, but ya he was good as well Delirious army leeetttttss gggvoooooooo Use code 905 if you are a real OG !, requesting that they leave mid-game can cause pressure. Awesome job ­ Or you got more than 10 kills you were considered good as fortnite Dang your the first person to not get super mad after I said that have a free cookie ­ Yea I remember when it came out everyone was all over it Wet did you hear h2o delirious I didn,t hear it Skiddy Galaxy222 H20 is the best dude i love him when playing Fort­ Skiddy Galaxy222 DUDE IM THE SAME I LOVE H2O DELIRIOUS HOW DO U FORGET THIS I REMEMBER ITS EXACTLY I stopped playing fortnite a long time ago and i am hoping that epic will listen and change it back the way it was It still wouldnt change all the tryhards DuKeRŃ why so defensive over a garbage game Leave me Alone no its like saying my dad comming back I have no faith its to late for the game to change i just came for nostalgia Bro i used to play season 4 or something it was so fun but i started again in season 13 it so trash if u dont build u will die Yeh last season I properly had fun on fortnite was season 8 early season 9 This comment didnt age well after the new update One of those clothes all the sweats into a skill-based matchmaking system let everybody from a normal level to a noob level fight If you dont like this game why youre watching the fortnite rap you should just be somewhere else watching tryhard fortnite Minecraft back baby Everybody thats complaining about sweats just get good or maybe just play different game you dont have to play fortnite 247 no one asked you to play fortnite you might like the game but if you just dont like playing it right now just focus on other games Just keep in mind people complained about the game then too Even if they did bring back the old seasons it wont stop people from cranking to max hight Springle the new map sucks the old one was way better AlphaThicBoi Xx youre probably the same guy who complained about the updates not having enough content back in season 3 Jake Sil I loved season 3 I didnt complain about any thing till season 8 THATS when I stoped playing Mate your probably the one who asked for a new map and even if It does suck just stop playing Springle I was never spreading negative opinions all I said was I want the old map back your the one going on and on about it I miss the old weapon models and the rides as well I found season 5 fun because of the rifts If they brought back season 2 then people would just be sweating as hard as they are now just with a better map No one cares if you dont like new map if u dont play.

All the dubs you and the homies should have got Im literaly crying rn i rememver coming back from schoolway before driving carts update) and the carts werent pushable at that time SOOOO what is so amazing about it huh Ye but didnt shopping carts appeard on march or im wrong Warlock Wizard mais le record mondial cest 32kill Whos here in when fortnite is on Meth.

Ive played both Team ViiZioN 36 look up doom netj hes a console player who holds the record at this moment DeadMan Walking dude got a 100 donation. Goosebumps man? Brings back good moments with the boys­­ 3 years later Im still astonished delirious didnt use the headset mic Who else remembers singing this song with the squad in season 3 So glad h20 was on this his track was fire Brings cool memory in that season miss tilted so much From a season 1 player, making it simpler for them to quit playing the game, I was just about to say the same thing, youre the best No one talking about h20s verse followed with that laugh ­­­ I remember how i clutched so hard with only revolver headshots in tilted back in season 2 ­ I remember when this song came out i was singing this song while playing in the old days I remembered me and my squad always used to speak fortnite verse to get ourselves hyped up!

Gracias fortnite por darnos buenos momentos, its over 9000!!!, not necessarily just the game just having fun messing around with the homies and seeing all the live events fuck man lol The fact we remember all the lyrics just says something about what this game used to be Oh my god, I would do anything to go back man.

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