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G 27-X nah 105 body 210 head and thats from like 3 m away Ikr xd but thats mostly because he gets those kills all the time lol Bcuz hes used to getting clips and good plays hes a fucking pro Ghost Face He donates to charities, pain, cause now the games just shit to go back to those years lol I wish fortnite was as fun as it was Sad how none of these guys in this song ndont play fornite anymore :( I cant be the only one who thinks Dakotaz sounds like Fe4rless Everyone probably could win these people nowadays in 1v4 Top ten rappers Eminem is afraid to diss Number 1: fortnite Merry Christmas to every legend that loves OG Fortnite Who ready for the titled coming back This gave me stage 4 skin cancer, epic games screwed up- big time.

You need to have some timing for it, I miss those simple times with the boys Rapping is so good that in fortnite I use a cheat to win fortnite!!!!!!!. Go to school. No matter the area if the are walking you would get a general sense of their location. He just shuts up. Aaron Joshua those are normal human fucking reflexes HAHAHAHAHAH IM LAUHING SO HARD, but played since season 1 Im a season 2 player I would have got black knight but I bought the battle pass late I played since season 2 but i didnt buy the battlepass edit: i can prove it with wave emote and the umbrella I started in season 2 and i am still here Hasting Rivera free s8 battle pass for free whoooo DeCotiis you are the best sniper ever I love this song and it is season 8 who is hype Fortnite is so trash play something else Hasting Rivera u see the royals knight that dies the worm and waves pretty sure that was me Hasting Rivera I love this its so cool I love the Dakotas Hasting Rivera I am but I suck and Im using my dad phone I started in season four but is season eight now so yeah Thanks, but fortnite isnt a goat.

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