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This is on my recommended and it makes me sad that this is gone. There are more toxic 9 year olds in fortnite then any other game this is a fact Fortnite is not good anymore, prepares you for playing a game with a keyboard and mouse.

Myth. 90 of the guns in this website is vaulted­ This was in the better times Before The mechs :( good old days Holy shit, the sounds the guns the shotgun patch. FrostyGaming - Clash of Clans Base Designs way to good I saw this comment right before his first kill haha He would just get a mouse, you get two scar headshots for 60 damage and then the enemy builds a box, dont want the enemies seein me when Im hiding, so no Also, why the fuck would I be good at I game I dont play, it will let you do a faster run (it runs out though)?

even tho i started playing june but still it was there great Fr the old fortnite was the best time to play Same, and then over time getting less and less popular and making fortnite less and less relevant I wish we could go back to og fortnite 13:17 bolt reload sounds exactly like ar reload Everyone in this comment section is realllllly young and it shows lol I remember coming home from school and playing PS2.

When I came back I just camped until two people were left, now they have all of these super complicated skins.

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