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And I still have trouble building in this game lol Ver esto es nostĂlgico fortine era divertido por esto porque no todos eran arquitectos como es ahora antes todos Ăramos personas que se divertĂan ahora es toxicidad y gente con eskin de sĂper hĂroe y con pico estrella antes era mejorar y poder ganar partidas ahora te encontrĂs gente que se mata a todos el solo con un puto pistola pero buno Who remember tose OG days when you can get more than 12 rockets Whyd the gun sounds sound so much better then they do now Literally crying, I always panik and then I dont know what to do and die Jasmin ErdbeerkĂse exactly what I do Haha When u realize he makes millions of dollars and would be perfectly ok with having that waste of time that works for entertainment ManTV99 Studios what if you have 2 wins XD He aint even the best though, but then they decided to make the game blow up more.

3 years later and I still know the lyrics Its been a long time since I heard this song I had forgotten about most of the people that had been in the song I never knew the person in the bush was H20 Delirious because i didnt know him back then but now im a big fanđ Me and my friends used to sing this all the time They should do one of these but with among us Delirious has the best laugh ever lol. And tbh I didnt like the fact its a fortnite song but its very catchy and my two favorites in this are H20 (cause Ive been watching him for years) and Fabvl because god damn is that a good chorus its so fucking catchy đ Halocene SO GOOD I cant Believe its been nine months the game is not fun anymore Fabvl killing it!!!.

I was a simple boy, Fortnite is dying, use a calculator and you will see. Id say keep it em coming love the Fortnite and PK duo lol Love your website. This makes me remember when Fortnite had life and not toxicity and sweats Nobody made fun of this song when it came out Everybody did from where I come from.

Everyone is toxic and the game is ruined by epic!

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