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These were the good days. I miss old Fortnite and tilted towers :( Tilted Towers one of the best place to land­ I got 34 no cap I got 34 kills NO CAP 3 years later and now fortnite is fucked up.

Now people build a 5 star hotel after a sound of a shot What I love about fortnite is s how hes not really cocky and over the top when he gets an amazing kill ­ If they just kept it simple like this.

I also think the Tilted Towers update map should be considered season 3 I want it to come so bad i liked it 2 times Dude u have 69 likes ­­ special number I watched this when it came out so I was sad when Dusty gone Lucksas Glover i like defeults fake defaults rune fortnite I want the old fortnite back than everyone is a default Whats your point,begging for likes,if yes please go somewhere else Fuckem i tried trapping one once.

Yes i was watching this in season 4 and i was listening to it while i was playing Riley MacDonald wait are you from br Its so freaking Nostalgic, youre the best No one talking about h20s verse followed with that laugh ­­­ I remember how i clutched so hard with only revolver headshots in tilted back in season 2 ­ I remember when this song came out i was singing this song while playing in the old days I remembered me and my squad always used to speak fortnite verse to get ourselves hyped up!

that was definitely good to know Much Love Man!!!

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