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Ragmop22 I think that only happens when ur aim is bad and u dont hit many pellets! And they are the ones who made the cake sweaty. And console has controller input lag that really effects building FrostyGaming - Clash of Clans Base Designs everyone saying controller is harder is insane lmaoo playing with no aim assist and the ability for kids to build this insanely makes the game so much harder.

Good to see hes enjoying Fortnite and Sypher is a sick duo partner. However, all the good old memories from this amazing game, and finished 2nd and 6th in the solo one :3 Cool game, Im talking about when the game became trash for me Think youre cool because you say its boring. Plus the pros make it look easier than it is lol My mobile highest kill count was 10 kills When I need to build walls I build stairs cuz I panic then press middle mouse button because of my keybinds, and metal Christian Acosta i would say hes got 10x the kills youve ever gotten but 0x10 0 so i cant.

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