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(I played during season 4 chapter 1) Peak fortnite and it was the most fun I had playing fortnite Tu eres hispanohablante xd te llamas Mago Electrico Epic do old graphics old builds no turbo no builder pro or sweaty edits old map everything I miss Ive killed him once, for me its kinda just what Im feeling that day Dew Doritos yeah agreed cause bursts shoot faster but assault rifles do more damage JackTheGreat, in the other hand burst assault is easy mode.

JFrediK in non competitive yea we do Schim_ ok rannoyingredditoronwebsite I hate that kind of people like just accept it but no they will run ,they will try to hide and then my kill gets stolen Its still a good game maybe ur just bad Exactly, it all becomes second nature with a little practice.

Also he just looked so bad when he tried to walk through the window which if he tried hard enough he would have got through but thinking he couldnt just had to waste his time breaking it.

Literally just now hit 4 years, ele tem mta sorte Beatriz Machado Passos -_- Dark du 89 comment il fait g djà du mal à en faire 5 et lui 32 au KLM That even hard I do that 40 kill for game La team fr sur une vido amriquaine XD Stop being nostalgic there were no good old days fortnite has had its fair share of fuck ups but its in its best state ever even more players then when it was everywhere in season 3-5 when it fucking blew up Papa Shrek donkeys waffles are good fortnite literally hit 150 million users recently they didnt get that earlier in, time to show all ytbers what they was rapping tho DAYUM THIS UNLOCKED SO MANY MEMORIES I will never forget these times!

Me and my friends r still good friends and we still talk to eachother everyday playing Minecraft but we miss Fortnite. 25 NerdOut.

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