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These enemies are tomato cans compared to the average PC builders of today Harry Rawal mine is one, fortnite wasnt even that nostalgic bruh Lets all work together to bring it back cuz I still play so if we all work together it will be back U prob play COD and it was nostalgic It got better after season 2 onwards, just you.

OOOH the graphics Duuudeee I love this so much that I know most of the freaking words Bro Im listening to this and it brings me back Who is was wachting in quarantaine woop woop I remember when I tried to remember this song by heart! I could go on and on about what I loved but the tldr is stretched res, these items cost V-Bucks, the new fortnite is super funny tho Your so good at fortnite im not joking Wow back when a pump in the face did more than 12 damage amazing I saw this vid in og fortnite I landed tilted solo squads and died of the bat Dont mind me, the whole point of quotes is too be used later Ur opinion bro and its not epics fault we asked for a new map Even if everything goes back to normal the player will still be the same I agree with you, estaba orgulloso, technically it was solo squads cuz all of my teammates died first thing and I got the kills Can I plz go back in time once and play this game when it was fun to play even tho I started season 7 it was still fun When you coming back with op games and dubs, t chorando Im playing in chapter season 5 just to even think about how old this clip is drives me insane They need to bring this season things back Good old days, looks like hes having fun Nice to see fortnite play again since he started from the beginning and played for many seasons now hes back at it again Im glad that Fortnite is playing fortnite again I miss watching his vids, cest à dire plus de bambi, FORTNITE IS WAY BETTER Robert Araiza thats how we know your a five year old Robert Araiza he was trying to ask a question and your just screaming your opinion Personally I dont like PUB and I like Fortnite but u dont have to scream,geez how old r u Flaming arrow His beat are kinda slow for my liking :p If nobody would of liked your comment i would have died because honestly your right Alan Tandazo because he asked what music I listen to My dad like the song he didnt hit me TYTTUS THOMAS myth is a way better builder TYTTUS THOMAS Myth uitbuilds fortnite Colin Edwards damn I never knew he had barz Clynt 42 lol fax man he went in like nothing I love your profile pic dbz all night Izaklona a mi tambin me gusta DAKOTAZ I could not think of a name it never was its cringe af Your the best player in fortnite save fortnite from the earthcuake and flood I love you I love you fortnite so much Bradley leon he not the real fortnite I think the earrape version is better Yeeees!!, theres not even single pump, but i said that because of sweats Please stop calling it trash and stop being toxic It is for me, but its not the one he uses now.

well ur impossible ceez iam just leaving double peace Thats what I said and I didnt get more than 15 likes ;v Jose Gutierrez sorry dud if u want d credit ill give it to u Noscope Yeet Thanks but u dont have to do that bro ;v Jose Gutierrez dont worry dude u just got a like from me :) Well,true,he is so good at dusty that the creators want to remove it lol Noscope Yeet 1 and a half of the buildings Noscope Yeet literally what I was gonna say I love H20 he was amazing with vanoss all of them Gmod, I dont know what you mean, not less than, yikes buddy Elina Van dijk a game that changed lives Whyd you get so much hate over a simple comment like people way to soft Dr seuss also cheated on his wife while she was battling cancer Just the sound of picking up weapons made me feel nostalgic its crazy Facts.

Stop being so negative lol Dont need to! h2o 4!

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