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55 ;) AzerKo mec il a peut etre utiliser le lance rocket mais tu dois quand mme dire gg pour les 32 kill et essaye de faire 32 kill pour voir Je dit sa pour les gens qui ont critiquer Gota dans ces com Godzilla had a stroke reading this and fucking died LMAO that joke is overused but still makes me laugh every time. If you say so but everyone has his opinion I guess FOR THE LOVE OF FOOD FORTNITE WAS NOT MADE IN THE 90S!!. I want to go back :( Heres a song I will remember forever I wish I could go back to these days Everybodys building ramps thats useless rip Even though fortnite is dead this song will never be dead what a masterpiece I rember in 3rd grade I memorized the whole thing Everything was good when this song was popular Dusty has been blurred for me by mechs rip OG dusty I started playing fortnite when i was 11 I live in australia and its probs different i was born in 2007 and last month was my birthday and im in year 7 Lord Gonk Droid the average age for year 7 is 13 Crusader yo but lord gronk is the one insulting me when Im 13 and he calls me 8 Crusader I think ur confused its that Lord Gonk Droid insulting like why does he randomly talk crap in website u should be talking to him not me Crusader and u dont even apologise to me idrc tho Imagine being butthurt for someone insulting and disliking fortnite, I do have a small 1 cup of chips everyday as a snack, so incase youre talking about something else.

i guess he was lucky and so was i. Fr nothing but little kids!

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