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this is such a slow and calm pace compared to today. ) Niclas Matthia why whats up with koreans lol Jose Salazar They are probably the worlds best website gamers. Nerd out and h20 delirious now man it would be really awesome if jt and dan was here but hay this was good no awesome nerd on nerdout Re-Listening to this because its soooo good!!!.

: ew thats so slow The best singers of the website: Dakotaz, We dont use that kind of language, Ahh the good old days, he sure likes his rocket launcher So many memories, u can have fun, also Delirious but really everyone killed it, just showed my dad, was a good season (i think ima download fortnite again) Have a good day but im crying its sad that i remember when this was 51 mins when it came out now its 3 in half years Me and my friends back in used to sing this song all the time lmao brings me back Jeez fortnite nostalgia isnt even minecraft nostalgia yet 0, But Then Then ruined it, the grafics and so on, you truly changed my life, tryhard and building the empire state building when you get ONE bullet in your direction, out of all the fortnite websiters I didnt expect him I love CDNThe3rd now.

CDNTHE3RD, if he dies its cause of a troll! Happy birthday this beautiful song about this amazing game is 4 years old lets fucking gooo Yup no sweats who camp creative 247 I think hes talkin about the times where there was no Corona Fortnite When fortnite was good times where better Pixelfixgames - you wanna play fortnite When playground and Creative didnt existed and you couldnt Break the Things in spawn Island!

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