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at least everyone can agree that its somewhat better then that animated music website called dance on your body I honestly hate to be that guy but. Waiting for the 99 kill solo squads website !!. But, no random This is probably the most wholesome he has ever been playing Fortnite.

I miss this!. If they did we wouldnt be friends lol. Well I mean u are a ps4 player so the skill ceiling is very low lol MySTiC_kiDD OnE because your using console Sebastian Fajardo does PS4 suck at Fortnite MySTiC_kiDD OnE yeah men watch noahfromwebsite hes a beast at ps4 fortnite Louis Duncan HAHAHAHAA THE BEST JOKE !!!. That isnt fun Aiden Utsey yeah and we were all forced back cuz of corona Looking back at this made me realise fortnite wasnt even that good it was everyone was just crap­­ Bro 47 million views holy crap fortnite was popular I bet he has more kills in fortnite than subscribers.

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