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a console game but no one cares about console in battle royals games TBH Tyler Allen pc has way better players you can build way easier etc on pc which means tougher opponents TheXanori hell yeah wii sports fortnite J Wiro lets just agree that there is no point in playing on console if you have a pc because its a downgrade ItzMeFrost11 I play console I have a Xbox one Ive played both pc and PS4 but lemme tell you, but tbh the season 1-4 pumps were super inconsistent cause u did from 6 damage to 220 damage.

But if they were never added no one would possibly be as sweaty as today because they couldnt practice high ground retakes and editing for 12 hours Remember when you could 200 damage with a gray pump, thats not their fault. I started season 3 Its coming back we have dusty we got retail tilted will probably come back hopefully anarchy is coming back and lets not forget moisty and flush factory Zachary Bastien more like 8 year olds ( Im not a 10 year old btw just saying ) I just think they are not as mature as 11 Zachary Bastien so 12 year olds are mature I miss Season 6.

OOOH the graphics Duuudeee I love this so much that I know most of the freaking words Bro Im listening to this and it brings me back Who is was wachting in quarantaine woop woop I remember when I tried to remember this song by heart.

Coming back to this after years put a smile on my face but also makes me miss these times I still remember back when I had the dream of becoming a professional streamer like fortnite. Even though im catholic, quien dice que Lolito juega mejor que se quede con eso, ahora puedo decir que juego como fortnite Back when RPGS were actually intimidating, theres not even single pump!

Good times Youre out here getting 32 kills while Im struggling to last 5 minutes Watching Fortnite streamers plus playing the game with friends out the same time, Nerdout couldnt contact Myth so thats why So you watch ceeday the best editor heheee Meeeeeeeeeeeee thortnite 4eva :elbowcough: Same I was like the 100th one to watch this Mauro - Rocket League hahahah youre so funny!!, the more i learn about the world the more hurt i get the more i think of how innocent i used to be when i was younger it just makes me sad to know i have 5 almost 4 years left of my childhood before i enter the real world, streamers and techniques, so nostalgia.

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