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The pump was not just a sniper was a fucking rpg Now its like ‚15 HEADSHOT ARE U OUTTA UR MiiiiiiiiiiiND‚ When season 3 came out the game got ruined it was so good before it Gabriel Brogdon the pump wasnt a sniper it was what it should be not some piece of shit it is now It was and it was so much better.

He got caught in bed with 2 dudes no joke, part 1 is better than that trash part 2 Its still sinple you only have to do 90s then double ramb floor rush and the edit 500384 things and do a headshot and this for every kill yeah it was so simple i loved it ArkiNooKz Tube Now its full off pointless events like the cube and the new ice creatures, WE CAN YEET PEOPLE Yeeeting is fun but the most fun part in fortnite is having fun and enjoying the game, theres no proof that I have a miserable life,in fact I have a good life JR__ PRO GAMER Cr PRO PLAYER Season 6 is lokiey Kjartan √orri no I wasnt wandering I already knew it it was.

TheStripedShirtGuy he probably heard the person moving and he was just waiting to see if someone was there He is streaming. I wished to play the game and rn Im playing it‚ Man, thats why I put him last I can sing through it with 1.

Life was soo much easier and simple ? Theyre completely different in style; ones fast paced and ones more slow paced.

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