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noob ima xbox god ELITE STARZ i am playing pc after 100 games i got halfway carried and won first time at my friends xbox first 10 games all won Season 1 around when the game just came out Im so good at the game though I won 1,600 in winter royale and have been playing 3 full seasons Just getting Nostalgia watching this I just became naturally good, this Huwuba guy got buthurt about me calling fortnite kids ten year old so he then claims that I am not part of a country I was born and raised in.

My only real advice for aim is to turn aiming sensitivity down and judge when you have to lead into shots and try to predict the movements people often make in the game.

Because hes a show off and he gets kills like that every minute hes playing fortnite. And cuz someone liked my comment i recieved a notification and came here to hear the rap again. There is a social component to the game, and Im surprised people havent reported jaystation.

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