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Nothing in the world will ever beat prime fortnite I was in 8th grade when this came out im graduating this year bruh fortnite is dropping boxonfire bars I was so mad at fnf at the point i listened to this Im sorry did I heard delerious rap. Were getting old My fav family friendly man, with people who made you happy.

Fernanfloo juega mejor q fortnite :v Julio Marinho es mucho mejor lolito men Ahmed alharthy this makes no sense. Wasnt intended to sound rude. Btw its does not dose and no fortnite will not end Nostalgia hits harder than my dads belt Back when everyone was just vibing and not so serious and building castles when you shoot on shot.

No season 2 and 1 is og season 3 and 4 isnt I played at end of season 1 and trust me 4 isnt og Actually its been six seasons since season 4 in season six it had been 6 seasons since season one and there were og skins then so why would season 4 not be og Im not saying your wrong bobioko I just want to hear your reasoning Lol season 2 or season 1 aint OG get some facts Ok that is complicated but if I am right with what your saying season 4 doesnt mean its recent it was still over a year and a half ago but also season 4 was when the game was already the most played game at the moment so I get your point honestly it just depends on what you think it is I think it is kinda OG but not too much :) Im like 1month before season 5 but i play on mobile still bad Imran Eminov no its not season 1 and 2 is 1-4 is technically og considered that theres 10 seasons No its not thats when it got big so alot of people played so its not og.

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