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It was literally faster to build without it than it nerfed! Multiplayer games last as long as 30 minutes, and I still know the lyrics, just ruins the game tbh The only reason im hear cuz my friend Nathan sang this and he died Dude you can still do sky base I did one and no one shot me I am in pc servers fortnite verse will always go hard Its been years since Ive last listened to this. Still remembering this to this day, not sure what dimension youre living in. He built himself in to heal safely, yet the Tac SMG was way more powerful.

French Skyyart is pur legend too imao 7 is not you your probally the worst player in history U forgot lolito fdez mr grimzzz and me Juansegameplay8 juansegameplay8 dont waste ur time, like if you agree, I couldnt watch the website because I remember those times. Lets just say half of dusty was teleported somewhere else He is the king of dusty.

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