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im a huge fan of naruto too Alessio Soave anchio vengo dal WEAK MY BOY FINUCS GETS 40 EVERY GAME Joku incredible de lionel messi fortnite 32 kills thauviinnnnn Mim GAMER we ciao, I forgot about this comment of mine til now.

Winning in fortnite is also very easy as said. I could cry when I see what epic has done to it Xrayan - are you OK I think you overreact a Lil too much lol Sorry if I offended people obviously people dont like it Not in battle Royale you would need everyone to land in the same damn place I am Raptor YoU WoUlD NeEd EvErYoNe TO lAnD IN ThE SaMe DaMn PlAcE What are u talking about its 99 kills I just noticed for anyone who watches this if he makes u feel bad at fortnite it cause he plays this all day and doesnt do anything else so it just cause he play everyday and gets more practice The time where you actually were hyped because of the new update now you just are pissed off because you cant play because of the update I need a dollar needs to come back that was the good old days I remember in season 1 when building 1 stair and maybe a wall just maybe a wall was intense building now though we build the whole empire state building lol BRO THE PURPLE TAC IS THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF NOSTALGIA THERE IS WITH FORTNITE !!.

get outta here we can easily check it just tell me your user name XXDerpy DinoXx no one cares if you no life the game You are the best fortnite We have no idea who you even are how would we know if it was sarcasm. Despite that, again xd Me Logan Davenport fortnite is the best game in the history of the world What happened to your brain cells And back when it was fun and no sweats.

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