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Heheh­ů I definetly didnt start in season 7 I thought I was the only one ­­­­ I regret doing this at my school talent show­ Cccc crazy yeah its just loads of memories 2 years ago me and my brothers at my grand parents were vibing ­ Yeah idek how I remember them over 2 years later Me its crazy I remember when this came out Coming back every once in a while ;) This song brings back good memories from when it wasnt considered a crime against humanity to like fortnite Almost 4 years later and I still know all the words I remember getting excited seeing fortnite Ohhh the old timeÔ i miss it, you have an argument, camper and a 7 year old!

Es bueno, the sweats still exist so thats a big problem. Jonathan for me (H2ODelirious) he got me so HYPEEEED!. Yeet. Controller is way easier than mouse keyboard, we were in the same 1X1!. Its a comp game now with complex mechanical principles.

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