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Sorry for spelling mistakes if theres any I was in grade 7 when this website came out Who else is watching a black hole screen Thank god mechs helis or boats arent here yet Godzilla_GTR no i to jest prawdziwy polak xd Well yeah because this was back then RIC4RD0 BTINHAMITO brinks sou br tbm RIC4RD0 BTINHAMITO no e s vc Keenlion3 really bro dont be disrespectfull Keenlion3 unless he has 1 million plus kills I dont think so little guy TuWilDeRee RaP que primera vez en mi vida que te veo eso creo :v TuWilDeRee RaP si we eres el nico :v JJjajajjajaj juega bien chiddoooooris lol Vete a ver A lolito que haces en este canal xd TuWilDeRee RaP quien sabe la cancin de las donaciones de fortnite Didnt know rape was alowed on website This really makes me think would fortnite be ranked as high if it wernt for the shitty players he came against then i mean to me so much seemed wrong about his decision making here.

Good ol days. The german websiter Redsama got 31 kills in solo vs squad - The map is like my friends aunt it was beautiful but then it got plastic surgery and it went down hill Der Rumne no hay 300 comentarios en espaol Anakin pi I did 93 kills. True happiness, H2O Delirious is still hidingin those mines I loved season 7 so much. Didnt have to make this comment myself Why well yeah I wasnt complaining, i remember being so hyped about fortnite.

Darks was bad to be honest GamingWitApro_TV .

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