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Welcome back. Remember we were like the game is going to be so good in like in season 100 ÔKing of dustyÔ hits different now Its so different listening to this now Legit came when fortnite started singing The undefeated king of songs for 4 years When the boys used to sing to this while landing tilted those were the days man ­ I miss being 12 and this dropped it was so fire Kids these days will never know how amazing prime fortnite used to be.

Boss gamer is that supposed to be a roast I am just happy that i remebered this song Man this was the best song in the good times­ Im happy that I got to play in the ogs times Joey Florent I remeber when there was no tilted Im not liking but I remember renegade rader Every body remembers the loot lake house bet you think that tilted towers was always in the map Ikr it was here in season 5 and thats not OG llol John Altankhuyag he didnt even ask for likes smh Thats not og so im mot liking your comment last time anyone saw was season 5 John Altankhuyag yeah it was destroyed in season 6 but it wasnt removed intill season 7 Remember the mine, but fyi half these streamers are married Gamer Munchkin I dont listen to twenty one pilots but whats wrong to listen to them.

I got 6th my first game without building and 4 kills. Thank you so much nerdout, we can always go back to this which is a blessing in itself Facts ,having these good memories itself is a gift YGuy1 ya but you have mini guns and lots of 9 year old sweats who cry when they die and lots of spammers Me And who saw that the grey pump did 220 headshot damage Everybody sends an email or some message to fortnite to make it same as season 2 Well fortnite right now the same it used to be then Fortnite has died down now due to these shit updates.

The people on PS4 are so bad Lmao people saying console has such shitty players just watch all the website fortnite posts, How does it hit different Ive never seen so many clueless people, jogo saud├vel e divertido para todos, time to show all ytbers what they was rapping tho DAYUM THIS UNLOCKED SO MANY MEMORIES I will never forget these times, the difference in numbers then compared to now is mind blowing I wish we could turn back time.

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