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Hey wie gehts bist du gut in fortnite Spielst du auf ps4 adde mich heiĆe vivekdestroyer19 Sharan Kumar add du mich pls heiĆe KAY-1980 Fortnite Kingdom im a fan of both but I have ps4 so no PUBG Ernesto Castaneda LoL same š no pubg but my dad looks at š all day In fortnite i at least have a chance to try out guns,in pubg I die instantly without even shooting them :D Theyre two completely different type of games?

When he got a 100 donation, and started season 5. Not like now š. Ive played like 80 games and I only have 50 something kills in solo so dont feel bad And dont come at me like āoh yea like ur any goodā because I am. Diganta Kumar shrouds good, but as they are only really backed up by personal preference. I bet hed still be really good, that shit makes everything blurry.

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