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JusttReaperz this kid just lost like 800 games in a row Im guessing. Im a beast Btw Ô Only people who remember salty factorys can like Wth im subbed to you and I found you wtf Bro im just making a joke sorry if i angered you Noobtube berg no I knew it was a joke Dylan owen I have a default skin and I destroy people with tryhard skins Dylan owen next time copy jacksepticeye more pls Jacksepticeye.

His advice on streaming was so in depth and top notch. Nope, instead it became the biggest fucking sweat fest with literally no time to do anything remotely fun, I dont sweat, but with the Fncs and cash cups Fortnite got more competitive and when they had that game mode with the points in the spray u got if u win it took Fortnite downhill into money and comp based game and it wasnt about having fun it was about winning money its not about getting rid of sweats its the comp community because its all about money to them, it would have been around 4-5 years, but people just hate Fortnite because of the community, use a calculator and you will see, i would play fortnite the whole day, FORTNITE IS WAY BETTER Robert Araiza thats how we know your a five year old Robert Araiza he was trying to ask a question and your just screaming your opinion Personally I dont like PUB and I like Fortnite but u dont have to scream,geez how old r u Flaming arrow His beat are kinda slow for my liking :p If nobody would of liked your comment i would have died because honestly your right Alan Tandazo because he asked what music I listen to My dad like the song he didnt hit me TYTTUS THOMAS myth is a way better builder TYTTUS THOMAS Myth uitbuilds fortnite Colin Edwards damn I never knew he had barz ­­­ Clynt 42 lol fax man he went in like nothing I love your profile pic dbz all night Izaklona a mi tambi├n me gusta DAKOTAZ I could not think of a name it never was its cringe af Your the best player in fortnite save fortnite from the earthcuake and flood I love you I love you fortnite so much Bradley leon he not the real fortnite I think the earrape version is better Yeeees!!, ur acting like nobody else can say it KoD SniiPeZ and I dont understand how its wrong thats what humans do we learn from other cultures and put it in our lives if we like it V-Godly Britains ­­­­­ Back then, and watching fortnite play everyday like it was cable, how in the world am I a crap player who plays arena and is so close to champions on an office laptop.

Good times This brings backs a lot of memories :( The old and nostalgic times of FortniteÔ Dont forget that was also when the game was actually good! Bruh you lie more than jake pauls thumbnails TOXIC GTA5 Clips its very possible id only say hes lying if he said he got over 400 or something SaintCrystal new mode: Ali a vs fortnite Loreta Sherifi Ali a would obviously win by far, and season 9.

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