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Fortnite is currently on its 8th season starting from 28th Feb 2019. Just as good as legendary now When u think your good then u watch fortnite :( Only ogs remember when loot lake had water 2:36 the pump common is so op in season 2 ๐…๐๐๐๐๐ Honestly why did Epic change the game when they were having great success My God rockets were OP back then lol Prime fortnite is arguably the greatest game of all time.

Like he said he isnt gonna read thousands of comments just to check if hes gonna steal someone elses. Facts, of course hes good but not even close to fortnite.

Wow time goes by so fast i miss this fortnitewater. Not really but oooooooooooookkkkkkkkkkk WhosNastyFox Nice to see you here๐๐ I like cdn fortnite and myth the most Even though the fortnite community is toxic, i just play creative coz battle royale is filled w things that i dont even want to understand Its thr comunity that destroyed fortnite with al those try hards We can still make memes and I miss that epic wont bring back reginade raider and the zapotron Havent enjoyed fortnite since season 4 or so.

I havent played this game in months.

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