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Its got about 141 million monthly players as of October ! The game was initially designed so anyone could win. Nice one but the real question is why were you even here if you hate fortnite Now pls if you got anything more to say say it so i could continue on my day and hang out with my bois  Milty  This again dont make us wait a damn year my guy Looks like you accpted defeat hope you learnd ur lesson I feel so old knowing this was 2 years ago I remember listening to this every time i played man the nostalgia I never watched him.

Please do a Remastered with Myth or Some How get Myth in it NerdOut. Hell no my list is way more accurate Tragiic Aspect Fabvl was only played twice cause they didnt have enough people sign up so they played Fabvls line for a 2nd time IMissAllMyShots shes from , we just knew we were having fun. Much to his parents never-ending frustration, twitch ads.

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