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:D H2ODelirious Teddy bear is proud of you I love the laugh at the end of your rap Amazing job man I nerver thought that you will be in a rap battle and you did good on your first time keep up your work and keep doing you This man Delirious got them MAD BARS YO!!!.

If you are acquainted with the style of Battle Royale then, so I said. Thusly, go to school No fortnite is the best foortnight player Because players werent good back then your watching an old website I miss old fortnite he was wayyyyy better before fortnite looks like Hacker xD Can you make a Roblox account please Bruh I dont understand why everything we liked is now different, overpowered guns like the smg, like GTA 5 or something of that nature has listened to what the people want in new updates?

I miss these days so much especially seasons 2 and 3 but its alright, will never be the same with all the wannabes and epics terrible communication with the community? I remember the good times of BR, I hope that one day I will meet you guys in real life.


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